We, Aliya Shetty Oza from Jamnabai Narsee International School#JNIS# and Fia Inamdar from Kodaikanal International School #KIS and Agastyaa Goradia from Dhirubhai Ambani International School #DAIS# have launched a campaign, Mind Over Matter since March 2022



This campaign targets teenagers, office goers, homemakers, and everyone seeking help on mental health.

We strongly believe that taking care of our mental health is paramount important. Unfortunately, a large population of young people, especially teenagers, find themselves at a crossroad. We firmly believe that as much important it is for everyone to focus on physical health, we need to be mindful of our mental health, which is as vital for complete wellbeing. "It can't happen to me", living in denial, social stigma, all of these are the reactions of the one suffering from mental health. The fact is mental health illnesses can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or race.

#Mindovermatter.help” is a platform where we would like to educate, support, hear and connectand discuss mental health issues. And NO, we are not experts. We want to help, we will try !!!

As they say, "It's okay, not to be okay", we feel and understand the sense of emptiness and anxiety some of our friends have gone thru but found it difficult to acknowledge.

Be it a therapy session or medication, as long as they help you mentally get to a better place, why not ?. Understand the importance and benefits of seeking help. Unfortunately, many people don't go for therapy due to its stigma.

Together, we are committed to helping mental health patients through a team of therapists who will respond to your queries and be available for consultancy.

Mental problems are defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease based on an event's imminent or uncertain outcome. For example, being nervous about a job interview or meeting someone unknown is a reasonable event where someone could experience anxiety. Anxiety becomes problematic when it presents itself in individuals' lives in an unwanted and unwarranted fashion, inhibiting their ability to carry out their daily routines. For example, those who suffer from anxiety disorders may experience invasive thoughts, trouble sleeping, or difficulty functioning in public. Anxiety can also manifest itself physically in the body, as those who suffer from anxiety-filled episodes could experience heart palpitations, panic attacks, and sweating. For many experienced during COVID-19, anxiety in mild or moderate forms, drawing attention to the importance of mental health.

We say “Be Kind to Yourself”

Mental health professionals are available to assist you. If you feel that you have increasing difficulty managing your anxiety or need someone to talk to, many resources are being made available to address your concerns. As we embark on a journey we have never been, we take a deep breath and close our eyes. Then, we count to ten, exhale, and repeat. We ask you to Join us on our mission of putting an end to the stigma around #mentalhealth# Our voices have the power to change the conversation, let’s join the forces and end the stigma around mental health

Together let us HEAL OUT LOUD

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