Podcast Episodes

Episode 1

Launch of Mind Over Matter Podcast with the founders moderated by RJ Ashish Jagtiani ( Jaggu) on variety of platforms to speak up about mental health and all its glory- the stigmas, the stereotypes, its importance, and the plausible solutions.

Episode 2

Agastyaa Goradia interviews Luke Cutinho, on holistic life style programs for better mental health. Luke is Pioneer and founder of the You Care® Wellness Program that has consulted and treated over 20,000 patients across the globe with cancer, alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular, autoimmune conditions, obesity, and rare. metabolic syndromes. Authored four bestsellers and won several national and international awards

Episode 3

Aliya Shetty interviews Ms Kirandeep Manocha, on Healing Mental Health thru Art. Ms Manocha is an MYP Faculty Performing Arts, Pathway World School. A Master’s in Education, who believes that every individual should be exposed to performing arts as this is not just a subject but a life skill that we use all the time.

Episode 4

Fia Inamdar interviews Ms Serena Mehta on Mental Health challenges for University Students. The podcast highlights the Struggle of mental health by high school students while moving to college, which is a huge transition, as high school to college can mean a lot of stress for many kids.

Episode 5

Agastyaa Goradia interviews Ms Aparna Piramal on the topic – How I hacked my mental health. Ms Piramal is a mental health survivor, a thought leader on business, an author of Chemical Khichdi, and also a mother to 2 teens. She was diagnosed with Bipolar. This podcast is about her journey with mental health struggles and survival

Episode 6

Aliya Shetty interviews Ms Aruna Dehaloo on how dance can help maintain a positive mental outlook. Ms Aruna Dehaloo is an internationally trained from Royal Academy of London- affiliated ballet teacher. Trained in Durban, South Africa, under Miss Paddy Chelin and Giselle Burke,Ms Aruna excelled at Ballet, winning several competitions. Her message “Dance is therapeutic”.

Episode 7

Fia Inamdar interviews Kalpana Chaudhary on the topic of role of education on mental health support. Ms Chaudhary has set up and nurtured three CBSE schools in South Gujarat. Currently she is the Director Emeritus at N,H.Goel World School, Raipur. An Institution she has set up and nurtured.

Episode 8

Agastyaa Goradia interviews Ms Sagreeka Roy Bhatia on Are you body shamed, bullied, labelled ? Speak up. Dr.Bhatia is an Author, Global Speaker, Parenting Coach, Neuro Coach, Head of School and a mother to 2 teens. She is a global speaker on topics of Neuroscience, related to education & its management, parenting hacks etc. In this episode she speaks on teens being labelled lazy. Peoples lack of awareness of the child dealing with depression or anxiety issues.

Episode 9

Fia Inamdar interviews Lakshana Sharma on Connection between psychiatry and medicine. Dr Sharma is an M.D. Paediatrics . Consultant Paediatrician at Healthfirst Advanced Cardiac and Paediatric centre. The podcast highlights on Learning about the connection between psychiatry and medicine.

Episode 10

Aliya Shetty interviews Ms Sparsh Kataria on How to cope with Mental Health issues in Teens. Ms Kataria is a single mom to a 13 year boy and a digital marketer by profession. Highlights of the podcast, live life to the fullest, Substance abuse is dangerous at any age
Each child is unique and let then have their own journey, accessibility is a to parenting.

Episode 11

Fia Inamdar interviews Robin Bhel  on the topic Learning about the connection between fitness and mind. Mr Bhel is a Co- Founder of Tribe India. The podcast covers  Learning about the connection between fitness and the mind and How fitness can control temper.

Episode 12

Aliya Shetty interviews Dr Ekta Bhatia on the topic, Why not ask for help when we need it?. Dr Bhatia is a founder of Lil Munchkins, a kids gym and an expert paediatric fitness. Dr Bhatia shares light on How overscheduling our children’s time can be detrimental to the mental well-being of children and  How to involve children in decision-making and its benefits. Also some insight into brain mapping and the link between physical and mental health, along with the overlap between cognitive, social and emotional learning.

Episode 13

Agastyaa Goradia interviews Ms Ruchika Bhuyan on Expressing Self Love, Be it art, dance, writing, community building. Ms Bhuyan is a freshman at Brown University. She is an Author of the novel titled “Until It Rains Again”, a trained Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancer, Promoter of Project Aafiyat; which enhances the mental well-being of survivors of assault and specially-abled persons through dance and music, an active member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Episode 14

Fia Inamdar interviews Ms Shailee Parekh on the topic Adventures and Mental health. Ms Parekh is a Co Founder of Jungle Calling. The episode highlights on the learning about safaris and trips without parents and how they impact children, a mother’s perspective on mental health as well as the perspective of a person who is surrounded by children during safaris.

Episode 15

Aliya Shetty interviews Ms Ruchi Gulati on the topic Finding inner peace and balance through Yoga. Ms Gulati is a founder of Sanyukta Yoga, she is a spiritual guide and a practising yoga professional. The podcast highlights on the Relaxation and meditation techniques, Importance of positive affirmations, Need for self-introspection and Importance of leading a disciplined life.

Episode 16

Podcast with Ms. Deepa Ahuja Fitness, diet and mental health Ms. Deepa Ahuja- a multi-talented marketing graduate with an MBA. She is an avid fitness enthusiast , a mother of two teenagers, a licensed Zumba & SN Instructor. Learn more about how fitness Isn’t about your external beauty but about your mental health-Helps bring back your balance and releases happy hormones- Brings discipline.